With rapid industrialization in India as well as in all other Asian, African & Gulf Countries the demand for electroplating, metal finishing chemicals & machineries along with magnetic drive seal-less pumps is ever increasing. We, at Delcra are poised to fulfill that demand with our ever widening product base derived through latest technological innovations.

Delcra Chemicals is the only company that is having indigenously developed technology, which is well accepted & acknowledged by Indian metal finishing industry.

Our range of products include machineries & equipments like Plating Barrel, Centrifugal Drier, Filteration Unit, Air Agitation Unit, Rectifier, Tank, Exhaust System etc., Basic Electroplating chemicals like Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Zinc Cyanide, Copper Cyanide, Cadmium oxide etc.

Nickel Process
Chrome Process
Zinc Process
Copper / Brass Process
Precious Metal Process
Metal Cleaners
Basic Chemicals - Ep Grade
Fully Immersed Barrel
Centrifugal Drier
Electroplating Rectifier
Magnetic Drive Pump
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