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Delcra  Air Agitation Unit
The Air Agitation Units are generally used for agitating the plating solutions. The agitation improves the plating process by decreasing polarization of anodes. It also helps use of higher current densities which results into finer grain deposition on the articles.

The Air Agitation Units consists of a rotary air pump with air vessel. On the vessel is mounted a pressure gauge, water level indicator, safety valve etc.

The compressed air is water washed and is free from oil and other impurities which may contaminate the plating solution.

It is recommended the addition of 0.5 gms per lit. borax in the air vessel for better results.

The Air Agitation Unit is available in the following size.

Minor : 1 H.P. with Output 09 cu.ft./minute app.
Major : 2 H.P. with Output 18 cu.ft/minute app.

NB : Air Agitation Coils are also available with us.
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