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 Delcra Fully Submerged Barrel

These barrels are widely used for plating small articles in bulk. By the use of these barrels the articles can be Nickel, Copper, Zinc, Brass or Cadmium plated. The distinctive features of DELCRA submerged barrels are that the barrel is fabricated from PP/Acrylic. The built in mechanism facilitates the loading and unloading of the articles. The current carrying arrangement is built in so as to achieve maximum efficiency of the plating.

The submerged plating barrel consists of a steel tank properly lined. A motorised gear unit is connected to horizontal plating barrel. There is a chute also provided for easy unloading. The barrels are available in the following sizes

Minor : 07 Kg. Capacity. Barrel is 12’’ x 08” app. Tank capacity is 250 Ltrs.

Medium : 15 Kg. Capacity. Barrel is 18” x 10” app. Tank capacity is 500 Ltrs.

Major : 30 Kg. Capacity. Barrel is 30” x 15” app. Tank capacity is 900 Ltrs.

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