Nickel Process
Chrome Process
Zinc Process
Copper / Brass Process
Precious Metal Process
Metal Cleaners
Basic Chemicals - Epgrade
   Delcra Fully Submerged Barrel
   Delcra Centrifugal Drier
   Delcra Electroplating Rectifier
  Delcra Magnetic Drive Seal-less Pump
   Delcra Pressure Filter Unit
  Delcra¬† Air Agitation Unit
   Delcra Horizontal Polishing Barrel
   Delcra Portable Barrels
  Delcra Hull Cell Test Unit

Fume Extration system ( Exhaust system) Filter paper - HPHT
Anode / cathode movement PH Meter
Plating Tanks with different linings PH Metre
Titanium anode baskets Volt & Amp meters - Digital
Titanium heating / cooling coils Plating Jigs
Anode bags Temperature Controller
MS / SS / Silica / Glass/ Lead bonded / Titanium / Teflon etc.
Nickel / Chrome / Copper / Zinc / Brass / Lead - Tin / Cadmium etc.
Filter cloth - PP All types of Electroplating, Anodizing & metal finishing plants & equipments.
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