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 Delcra Electroplating Rectifier

Delcra Air and oilcooled Electroplating Rectifier sets comprising of suitable Transformer, Rectifiers, Meter Panel, and Control Panel The components are suitably mounted in a steel case. In some case, control unit is housed in separate case to make it oilcooled and rest of the parts in a separate cabinet as a forced cooled or natural cooled.

Transformer will be double wounded vaccum impregnated, naturally cooled rated for continuous duty under plating shop conditions.

Rectifiers are rated for continuous service. silicon or selenium rectifier bridge connected ensuring fullwave rectification which is very essential for electroplating.

Digital voltmeter and ammeter pannel of suitable capacities are mounted on the sets

There are two methods of control normally provided in our manufacturing range

  • Step control by means of a rotary switch, providing suitable steps for easy control of output energy
  • Infinite variable control. A variac either hand operated or motor operated as the case may be.

All equipments are designed for efficient operations in the tropical climatic conditions. While designing the rectifiers, special care has been taken to see that they work with required efficiency under the conditions of typical electroplating shop. The ambient temperature has been reckoned at 45°C.

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