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 Delcra Pressure Filter Unit

The filter machines are normally used for continuous filteration of the plating solutions. They are either portable or stationary. Where there are more than one bath of the same solution portable units are preferred.

The distinctive features DELCRA filter units are that they are simple and robust in construction. They are designed to work upto 65°C (165°F). The filter packs can very easily be dismantaled and reassembled in just 10 minutes
The filter machine consists of a PP lined filter chamber connected to a pump and mounted on the wheeled frame. The motor is totally enclosed. There are necessary pipes and a pressure gauge also. The above machines are available in two different varieties.

Minor : 1 H.P. with Output 1500 Ltrs/Hour app.
Major : 2 H.P. with Output 4500 Ltrs/Hour app.

NB: Magnetic drive seal-less filter units are also available with us

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