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Titanium anode baskets
Design & Construction Features of Titanium Baskets
Fabricated from 99.5% pure titanium
Heavy duty construction
Designed for longer services and durability under severe electrolytic condition.
Use of expanded mesh provides easy flow of electrolytes.
Plain or twisted hooks are fully welded to basket body, fit snugly on busbar without any current loss.
bottom and sides are formed to a channel section of suitable thickness as per basket sizes.
Bottom chosures ars welded on the basket itself.
Reinforcing straps are welded every eight inches to ensure toughness and durability.
Advantages of Titanium Baskets
100% transfer of Electrical Energy from busbar to electrolytic solution.
No self corrosion ensures longer life.
Low maintenance Cost.
Easy to Load and Un-load.
Use of basket enables use of anode metal even in amaller sizes or scraps which are economical cost wise compared to full size anode.
Greater anode area available due to use of Titanium Baskets saves plating time & reduced consumption of plating Chemicals.
Avoid sludre formation and hence both contamination.
No waste of anodic metal.
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